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Rainbow Printing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a highly versatile Rotogravure Packaging manufacturer. Our business core operations are designing, printing, lamination, metalization, holography, bag making and delivery of quality rotogravure packaging.

Our in-house raw material production and quality rotogravurer processing differentiates us from our compatitors who offer similar services in this industry. It is our top priority to deliver finest quality product to our valuable customers in any condition or circumstances.

Rainbow’s versatility allows us to offer a diverse range of individually tailored Rotogravure Printing solution. Our customers relied upon us because of our experience, knowledge, hands-on capability and reliability. Following is the comprehensive list of printing related services which we can provide. Our designing and asthtic abilities extend to most areas of the rotogravure printing industry.

Rainbow Printing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides a single source solution for your packaging needs.


Graphic Designing

Our experienced and qualified graphic designers produce a variety of styles, tailoring each project to satisfy the individual design brief with exceptional aesthetic sense. Variety of work beautifise and nourish our designers mind. They communicate and meet directly with the customer to ensures the level of satisfaction.



Rainbow’s Pre-Print services are extremely comprehensive and are one of the most professional and progressive one in Pakistan. Our Pre-Print equipment is continously upgraded and enhanced after careful selection through select appraisal procedures.


Digital Rotogravure Printing

Our printing services are extremely comprehensive and are one of the most professional and progressive one in Pakistan. Our Pre-Print equipment is continuously upgrading and enhancing after careful selection through appraisal procedures


Solventless Lamination

Lamination is the process where two or more independent webs are joined together into a single web. At Rainbow Printing Solution Pvt. Ltd., Solvent-less technology is used for lamination. Based on latest machine and experience staff, our capability of Lamination is 400m/min. In line with Rainbow’s commitment to the environment and safety to its employees and customers, our laminator is free of isocyanides and solvents. We also provide quality services of water and solvent based lamentation on our valuable clients demand.



Our digital holograms allow our clients to visualize 3D data from every angle and illustrate details that can’t be viewed in 2D. At Rainbow, we can convert the data into full colour 3D holograms using advanced holographic technology.



Metallization is the process of add a coating of aluminum to a plastic film in order to add metalized effect to a package. At Rainbow, we metallize a wide variety of substrates, including polyester, BO-PET, BOPP and CPP.

Bag Making

Bag Making

Rainbow Printing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of all types of Bags such as, 3 Side Seal, 4 Side Seal, Stand Pouch, Side Seal, Center Seal, Bottom Seal, Box Pouch Making, Sleeve Making and Zipper Bag.

Transportation & Distribution

We Deliver finish goods all over the Pakistan through reliable and trackable renowned transportation services. Finish goods within our service area are delivered through our own vehicles.