Training, Quality Control & KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

We believe that in every task or situation there is always a chunk of improvement present which can drive us towards excellence.

Rainbow’s management team is quality and performance focused and meet weekly to discuss opportunities for change and improvement. Customer satisfaction with the quality of our products and services is vital to our business success. Of significant importance to our continuous improvement is our decision to commence Competitive training for all personnel. This training program has been undertaken with a vision to develop our experienced employees further, and develop a proactive culture for excellence in service, quality, safety, environmental sustainability and waste reduction.

Over an 18 months period prior to March 2014, all of Rainbow’s staff received on-site training. Improvements through increased efficiency, productivity and reduced waste were implemented by our hard-working dedicated teams.

Everyday changes are made to improve our quality of work. Daily production meetings and department toolbox talks provide an arena where problems are discussed, and anticipated, to avoid issues and maximize our success rate.

Competitive Printing encourages staff to make “small changes for the better” and “watch with an eye for improvement” in everything they do. Training was provided on the job on a weekly basis by a specialist trainer, with focus areas being quality control, safety, environmental initiatives, profitability and communication.

The improvements our employees are making throughout the entire business are ongoing and work directly to improve customer satisfaction on many levels.

Service Level (or KPI) reports produced by Rainbow may include:

  • Delivery Timing for Stock Items
  • Delivery Timing for Produced Items
  • Returns/Non Conformances

Rainbow Printing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Quality was endorsed by Standards of ISO9001:2013. Rainbow Printing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has redesigned our internal QA system to include some of the components of the ISO: 22000 model and include the principles of our Quality Policy Statement to produce a working, user friendly QA system for management, customers, employees and suppliers.

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