Our People & Environment

We do not say that our people are our assets for us our people are far more important since they create assets!. We offer our people an engaging working environment, competitive salary and benefits and a fair treatment. We develop, reward and recognize our people for their contributions and learn from them in return.

At Rainbow, we are very proud of our history and our unique environment.

While we look towards the present and the future, we never forget where we start and how we arrived where we are today. We are proud of our history and yet humble in our approach.

Our unique environment is based on legitimate relationships. We encourage all our staff to be a part of one family – connected through heart and mind, working towards a common purpose, and enjoying being in company. It is for this reason that so many of our employees start and end their working lives at Rainbow.


Our Team

The team of professionals at The Rainbow Printing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. strive to form relationships based on friendship, loyalty, reliability and trust, to ensure a rewarding result for all.

Our team will work with yours, whether you need the services of a competent Nationwide Rotogravure packaging or a supplier for your occasional needs. Rainbow Printing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is here to provide quality, service and value which must be the best alternate of one’s resources.

Our customers are faciliated by experienced, dedicated team who is supported by our management to ensure the very best we can offer.


Naeem Ahmad Sheikh

Managing Director / CEO

Sheikh Raza Ammar


Sheikh Atif Mehmood

General Manager - Operations

Azeem Abbas

Manager - Pre-Press