Our History

Rainbow Printing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. have continued to provide high quality Rotogravure Packaging material to National businesses since 1999. Over the years we’ve demonstrated consistently strong growth to become one of Nation’s most progressive, respected, diverse and reliable Rotogravure Packaging manufacturers. We have celebrated our 19th year in business in January 2018.

Our Persistent success is due to the dedication, skill and love for the industry and the company by teams of people who have worked with us in the past and those who are working here together today.

Whilst industry’s change since inception has been nothing less than phenomenal - Rainbow’s ability to evolve and adapt to change affords us strength through versatility and knowledge. The company has grown since inception from a small operation followed by a further move to the present in 1999.

Over the years adjoining properties have been purchased to allow growth of the business. Rainbow Printing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is now housed by several Departments. Rainbow Printing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is currently owned by members of the founding family.