Director Message


In the last few years, we have brought both challenge and change for Rainbow Printing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. We have adopted a corporate structure that allows us to be more competitive business professional and market player. The ongoing economic and social changes require focused attention by all of our employees to improve performance and align us for success no matter what kind of market we are going to encounter. We have made excellent progress, but we have more to do. We will continue to take decisive action to strengthen and grow our company in a sustainable way.

As we instantly navigate the short-term challenges, we will not lose sight of our long-term vision to manage and deliver superior sustainable solutions to the world. In fact, our senior management team has approved a new sustainability strategy that will potentially increase the number of commitments and targets we intend to reach in the next five years along with new products and solutions to the market.

By using external and peer benchmarks, we have identified gaps and developed a more integrated and holistic set of goals and targets to drive sustainability further into our core business processes.

There are a number of areas in which we already have recorded progress. We shall continue to undergo gap analysis exercises centered to identify the need for stronger business governance over strategic and growth matters and to ensure more direct engagement and adherence to our corporate objectives.

We shall also pursue to refresh our company’s vision and strengthening its connection to our core mission which remain the focal bonding among the three sustainable pillars: People, Plant and Performance.


Sheikh Raza Ammar