CEO Message


Change in world’s economy came to reality because of industrialization and continuous change in technology. We have now a strong team but when I started the business I was alone. It is often said, when one works with a vision, honesty and purity, excellent people come and join hands with the excellence to make a huge impact and with that fusion change born and progress become possible. We believe that with continuous improvement and change for good leads you towards Perfection. We are pleased to have a talented and diversified team in our company which guarantees quality production to satisfy customer’s demand. We have now a list of contented customers who believe in our strengths and standards of quality.

I encourage the youth of this country to come towards industry and business from small enterprise to make it big. In this process they must keep few things in their minds, first and foremost never ever let down the chapter of honesty, change yourselves time by time, accept change & Challenge and enhance your learnings. It is crystal clear that it will take time but when your direction will be marked you will surely hit the deck hard. Lastly, keep an eye on the future needs so that you can analyze international market.


Naeem Ahmad Sheikh
CEO / Managing Director